Jakob- a boy with CP
Jacob is a CP-Boy (spastic) and Jacob's father tells this story about how Jacob enjoys his Miniwalk, a walker.:

When Jacob got his MiniWalk, it opened up an entirely new and independent world for him. Now he can move around and go where he wants in his one pace.

Now he can do things on his own, such as: 
- Run to the car, instead of being carried
- Run away and hide in the supermarket
- Play tag, and especially self-directed play
- Be a part of other children’s play
- Be able to move around freely, where ever we go as a family: shopping, swimming, on theferry to Norway, skiing, playgrounds, small trips to the local grocery store to buy ice creamand lollipops, etc..
- Play both indoors and outdoors as he chooses
- Get significant physical stimulus, because he is 
- Be accepted by his surroundings in his everyday life and thereby become a part of the community: neighbors, his big sisters kindergarten, the local sports club, etc..

Publiched 19.03.2015
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